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  • REMSA USA Inc. specializes in rewinding electric motors and all types of electric motor repair in any capacity.
  • The types of motors that REMSA USA handles include: Direct Current (DC) Motors, Alternating Current (AC) Motors, Synchronous Motors, Main Motors.

  • REMSA USA also specializes in transformer maintenance and service of any kind, from oil transformers to dry transformers. We handle any kind of capacity which may vary from five kVA up to one MVA.
  • Submersible Pumps
  • In REMSA USA, we also work with submersible pumps which include well-known brands like: Tsurumi, Flygt, Dragflow, Grindex, among many others. Our strong working relationship with the mining and agriculture industry has lead to our need to repair submersible pumps
  • Armatures and Generators
  • All Armatures are balanced DYNAMICS
  • Adjusting Bearings
  • Adjusting Bearings on shaft
  • Axial thrust
  • Stator rewind and if Rotor
  • Changing Rotor
  • Correction Adjustment Bearing a box Bearing shaft

At REMSA USA, we know that you have unique needs. Our experience and versatility allow us to respond efficiently and effectively to your individual circumstances. We are centered in customer service and proactively search for new ways to bring you the best service in the industry. Contact us today to get started.

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